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Frequently asked questions

How long does tape adhesive stay in hair and what is the quality?

At GHWE our tape is of the highest quality having undergone numerous tests to produce
a product which is comfortable, durable and non damaging to your natural hair. Our tape
is known for its ability to hold your extensions securely and neatly to your head during
swimming, exercise, showering and washing. The lifespan of our tape extensions can
range from 8-24 months depending on how they are cared for and maintained. With
correct installation, GHWE tape extensions will remain attached in your hair for 8-10
weeks before they need to be removed and then refitted closer to the scalp. This is
recommended as your extensions grow out with your natural hair and may become
visible. Please avoid hair products, shampoo containing sulphate, conditioner, dyes and
oils around the bonds to minimise the tabs from loosening. For further information our
care guide instructions

How long does it take to install Tape hair extensions?

Our Tape extensions are uniquely designed to be easily installed by a hairdresser or
friend within 20–40 minutes depending on experience and amount of pieces applied.
Please visit Video Tutorials page for step by step installation videos.

How many pieces of tape extensions will I need for my hair?

The amount of pieces required depends on your desired look. If you are after a touch of
volume or colour we recommend 20 pieces(1 packet). For customers with thin to
moderate hair who want to achieve length and volume we suggest a minimum of 40
pieces(2 packets). People with moderate to thick hair we recommend using 60 pieces(3
packets) for a natural result. If you have extra thick hair or want to create extreme
volume we suggest starting at 80 pieces(4 packets).

How long do tape hair extensions last?

We use the highest quality of remy hair available, therefore you can be assured our hair
will go above and beyond the lifespan of other companies, at GHWE we only supply the
best remy human hair extensions. Depending on how well they are cared for and
maintained determines how long they will last. We suggest replacing your tape hair
extensions every 8 to 12 months. However we have had customers who have had their
tape extensions last over 18 months as they have been maintained and cared for

Can I re-use the tape hair extensions?

Yes of course you can. GHWE tape extensions can be re used over and over again. They
will need to be refitted approximately every 8 to 10 weeks. Simply remove the
extensions, clean all residue off the bonds and add a new tape tab or piece from our
tape roll. Every time you re-tape GHWE extensions with our products, you are
guaranteed the same strength and quality bond you had in your first installation.

How do I remove my tape hair extensions and what product do I use?

To remove tape hair extensions you should use our specifically designed GHWE adhesive
tape remover. This product is a solvent made with ingredients to gently dissolve the tape
tabs for effective and easy removal. During the removal process the sticky bond is
broken down allowing the tape to easily slide off the hair.

Will tape hair extensions damage my natural hair?

Tape extensions will not cause damage to your natural hair if they are installed,
maintained and removed correctly. Tape ins are one of the safest methods as they don’t
require glue or braiding which can be harmful to your natural hair.